17 September 2018

Vlog #2 How to make your own wood holds

Vlog #2 is published. We all think wooden hangboards are a no brainer. They are nice to use, they save your skin. They allow you to do more training. More folks are thinking the same about wood holds for the actual climbing. They are not a new invention of course! But this is the nature of history - old ideas get forgotten or go out of fashion and then get picked up again years later.

In this episode I go through how I make my own wood holds, why I think they are a good idea and solve some specific problems I have with training on climbing walls, and how I set endurance circuits with them.

Thanks for all the feedback so far on these vlogs. Glad to hear they are proving useful.


lalyos said...
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lalyos said...

Hi Dave,

Nice video. Around 1 minute there is a caption: "if you are wondering what this is: see powerstation.com".
But I dont see much information at: powerstation.com

What is that strange board?