22 August 2013

Video: Training during recovery from injury

What’s your excuse?

PS. This programme might well not be the best for everyone. But the level of commitment definitely is.


Matt Fuller said...

This post has come at a good time for me. Last week I was in surgery for skier's thumb and so am now in a thumb and wrist cast and have no hope of climbing much for a fair while. However, I've still got one good arm and two good legs, and running and 'core' work has never hindered climbing, or indeed health in general.

I'm looking forward to your book on injuries and hope it covers a bit on coping strategies. The mentality of working with or overcoming injuries are often as important as the actual rehab itself.

Billy Sands said...

This brings back memories of when I tore my meniscus.
I learned a bit about efficiency of body position during that spell as I sought ways to make the moves less strenuous. Some of my partners started climbing one legged for that reason too. If you swap legs, you get two routes for the price of one :-)

Unfortunately, I now have Font elbow and a shoulder injury. Climbing one armed is somewhat harder (at the moment) :-)