1 August 2006

Climbing training web crawl

I've just spent way too long in front of the screen crawling the web for the best online sources of information of training for climbing. So the link list is looking a little better now and has enough for anyone to get started learning about training techniques for climbing. My experience of searching the web for these resources showed me that there are a few excellent resources (such as Eric Horst's sites) but that is set amongst much poor writing and questionable advice. What you see on the links list is probably only 20% of what is out there as much of it doesn't really come up to scientific standard. My aim with this blog is to keep an extremely high standard of information, so links I include are preferably written by authors with a background in contributing to science in the field or top level climbing. So as I build up the links over time it will be a 'one stop' resource of trustworthy and carefully edited links.

I also ran many searches and identified many gaps in written guidance on the web, especially in our specialisms here in the UK; trad and winter climbing. So they will be my priorities over the coming weeks as I add more articles to davemacleod.com articles page. I'll also be doing some much needed interviews with well known coaches and climbers and hopefully learning some of their secrets.

If you know of any good links, or want to comment or request specific links or information, email me (my email is the first link). This is your service - use it to get better at climbing.


Lee said...

Hey there Dave

I've been enjoying reading your blog, and am a (some would say) fanatical self-coach/trainer, so I was happy to see your online climbing blog. I've written a little bit in the past on the subject (training diaries) and perhaps I'll be able to contribute/interact a little more on this site.

Looking forward to seeing how it progresses.


Lee said...
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Dave MacLeod said...

Glad you are psyched - keep in touch with feedback an comments (and any requests!). Links should all be fixed now.