11 January 2012

Confidence de-training

I went bouldering outdoors for the first time in two months yesterday. Lochaber deluge enforced indoor training regime. I was shocked at how tentative I was and worried about bad landings after so long falling onto big friendly climbing wall mats. Note to self, and anyone else in the same situation:
Too much time above big mats destroys your boldness and ability to fall properly outdoors on poor landings. Not much you can do about this other than be aware of it and take care to give some time to retraining when the rain stops.

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Scott said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one that suffers from too much gym syndrome. I had a few days in Hueco over Christmas and it really sunk in how much not topping out and having big padded gym floors affected my ability.

To fix it, I have prescribed myself 8 days in Hueco starting next Sunday.