11 December 2010

A rehab story

A Rehab Story from Jacob Fuerst on Vimeo.

Nice story of Josh Wharton coming back from a serious injury. For me this is a nice reminder that the diligent work of rehab exercises, no matter how much of a drag (swimming with old folks!), pay off. Also, the rehab is just as much about overcoming the psychological challenges as the physical/practical ones. Like myself in the past and lots of others, it strikes me that the injury ends up making you feel more positive about your climbing in the end.

Thanks to Andrew's blog for the heads up on this.


JamieD said...

A nice inspiring story, especially so for myself. I've been recovering from strained forearms for a few weeks, then the day before I was planing on returning to climbing I was hit by a car whiles riding my bike. Thankfully I wasn't too badly hurt but it really put a downer on my spirits. Watching this video has inspired me to push a little harder with my rehab rather than feeling sorry for myself, even if the video does end with the cheesiest music I've heard in a long time!

Kyle Simmons said...

Watching him do water aerobics with the old folks was priceless! I love a good comeback story. Thanks!

Jay Trent said...

wow very inspirational. Just what i needed as i havent been able to climb for 5 months because i chopped my thumb off. Ive only just been allowed to start training again. Its made me want to push myself harder

sample said...

Thanks for the much awaited video!

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Jeff Flanagan said...

I'm always amazed how fast some athletes are able to heal. I don't know you but I'm happy you were able to return to climbing at such a high level. I also highly recommend Jamie Andrews book "Life and Limb". I really do try to take nothing for granted after reading his story. Thanks for sharing.